Make your server even better!

Easy Moderation, Leveling, Reaction Roles, Music and more, all with dashboard!

SsumBOT Modules and Features

SsumBOT Official

Do you see a person who violates your server policies?
Quickly use moderation commands to prevent this!

SsumBOT Official

Free Leveling, Roles and Leaderboard! Manage up to 10 roles for free!

SsumBOT Official

Do you want to warmly welcome a new person on the server?
The bot has the "Welcome message" option, which you can use to welcome new people!

SsumBOT Official

React! Get Role! Have Fun!

SsumBOT Official

Listen to Music, best of... YOUR CHOICE!

SsumBOT Official
!@#$%* FILTER

Check if members... USE RESTRICTED WORDS! Delete them!

SsumBOT Official

Don't know who was the author of a message?
Check message logs, punish them!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

SsumBOT is a multifunctional bot that helps the owner and moderation moderate every chat and person. The bot also has music function, ranking and Reaction Roles. SsumBOT can hanndle every message that was sent on your server and filter them, you can reward users that are the most active ones using Leveling Sytem.
SsumBOT is made by a Developers Company named SsumGames, you can check our Discord support by clicking here. SsumBOT was created by 2 people and tested by a group of volunteers.
You can always support the Bot Developers and purchase SsumBOT Premium that can be found by clicking here. You can check the premium features there! We realy appreciate every help!
Found a bug? Have a feedback? Please visit our Discord by clicking here. You can find support there and report bugs. Have Problems with premium? Contact us directly on Discord or using Mail ([email protected]). You can gain free premium there, so... whatch out!